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Beyond Pregnancy Diagnosis – Clinical Booklet

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This booklet is a reference guide for non-reproductive applications of Easi-Scan for various farm animals. The booklet provides key clinical descriptions, tips, along with normal and abnormal ultrasound images to show how ultrasound can aid in diagnosing various on farm conditions you may be presented with.

This “must have” booklet provides the essential information to allow you to begin gaining more diagnostic applications from your ultrasound. It covers scanning the teat to detect stenosis, umbilical area for an abscess, and even the thorax for help to diagnose BRD.

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The following topics can be found in the new ”On-farm ultrasound uses: Beyond pregnancy diagnosis” clinical booklet.

• Udder
• Teat
• Thorax
• Gastrointestinal tract
• Abdominal organs
• Subcutaneous lesions
• Umbilical region
• Musculoskeletal
• Testicle
• Small Animal 

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