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    Opening Hours: 9am – 4pm, Mon – Fri
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    It is vital to our practice to have equipment that we can rely on and feel confident in when it comes to making a diagnosis. The power and quality of the Mindray M7Vet has not only allowed us to add additional services such as cardiology to our practice, it has also given our vets a greater level of assurance in understanding what they are viewing to make a confident diagnosis – even when only minor changes were present.

    Dr Paul May - BVSc. MACVSc. (Surgery)Northern Veterinary Group,
    Kilmore and Wallan Veterinary Practices

    We have been extremely impressed with BCF throughout our process. David has been fantastic and always very thorough, open honest and easy to deal with. They made the ultrasound section of setting up a new hospital very easy for us. Great customer service and the after market training has been fantastic by both David and Susan. Especially as being in Cairns, we are a bit of a distance, they still made the effort to fly in for the training. Very impressed.

    Dr Richard PageBVSc Veterinarian & Director,
    Vets 24hr, QLD

    Ultrasound forms an essential part of the services I provide as an equine veterinarian. After hearing great things about the Sonosite range for equine applications, I got in touch with BCF Ultrasound.

    I have found the team at BCF Ultrasound to be extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful at every stage of my involvement with them. Our equipment is vital to our practice and BCF Ultrasound understand this. They have always provided exceptional service support, technical advice, loan machines when needed and solutions.

    Sonosite’s M-Turbo and Edge units have been the ideal addition to our practice. The image quality, mobility and durability of the units give us a real confidence in the standard of our work and are not only enjoyable to use, but have also increased profitability for the practice.

    Dr Bridget RobertsBVMS CertEM(StudMed) Veterinarian & Owner,
    Nandowra Equine Veterinary Services, NSW

    Our practice was one of the first in Australia to adopt the Duo Scan cattle pregnancy testing ultrasound after David Swan purchased it in 2001. It has been a complete game changer for our practice. Integrating ultrasonography into our reproductive examinations has helped us to better service our clients and added longevity to our careers.

    I joined Swans Veterinary Services in 2003 and quickly became heavily reliant on our Duo Scan. The Duo Scan allows me to identify pregnant animals quickly, saving my arm for confirming the empty animals and for identifying harder to visualize pregnancies. Prior to adopting the use of the ultrasound, several back to back days of close to 1,000 cows would wear me down. With the Duo Scan I can diagnose well over 1,000 head per day without ruining my weekends!

    The Duo Scan is the Landcruiser of ultrasounds! Purpose built for veterinarians and the wide range of cattle handling facilities wherein they ply their trade. But like all vehicles, it is paramount that the driver knows the roads. Ultrasounds are not a short cut, they don’t replace manual pregnancy testing skills, they simply help us to do the job better. Pregnancy diagnosis generates significant returns on investment for producers.

    Dr Enoch BergmanDVM Veterinarian,
    Swans Veterinary Services, WA

    We contacted BCF Ultrasound after a recommendation from colleagues, and upon seeing the M9 operate in comparison to other ultrasound scanners (including our existing scanner), we knew we wanted it! The image quality and the versatility of the M9 stood out for us, and since we’ve had it in our practice the turnover from scans has nearly doubled as everyone now wants to use it. David was great throughout our dealings and has been great since, and I would undoubtedly recommend BCF Ultrasound and the Mindray M9 scanner to all of my colleagues.

    Dr Denis RyanMVB Veterinarian & Founder,
    Torquay Animal House Veterinary Clinic & Hospital, VIC