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Small Animal Cardiac Ultrasound | Online Training Course

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In this series from IMV Imaging, Kimberly Palgrave BS BVM&S GPCert(DI) MRCVS presents a series of step-by-step videos demonstrating how to perform a basic cardiac ultrasound examination in small animal general practice.

Video 1 – Introduction to performing an echo

Video 2 – Equipment and preparation

Video 3 – Ultrasound machine setup

Video 4 – Right parasternal long axis 4 chamber view

Video 5 – Right parasternal long axis 5 chamber view

Video 6 – Right parasternal short axis view (papillary muscles)

Video 7 – Right parasternal short axis view (mitral valve)

Video 8 – Right parasternal short axis view (LA and aortic valve)

Video 9 – Overview of standard right-sided views

Video 10 – Summary of the cardiology videos


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