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FREE Sonosite Training Series – Ultrasound Guided Femoral Nerve Block

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Ultrasound Guided Femoral Nerve Block – Inguinal Region of a DogĀ 

This procedural video demonstrates an ultrasound guided femoral nerve block in the inguinal region of a dog. Developed in a 3 part series, the first video will review the prep and anatomical landmarks for the procedure. Part 2 will review the anatomical landmarks, the femoral nerve, the nerve with electro stimulation and on ultrasound. Part 3 will demonstrate the ultrasound guided procedure.

Footage provided courtesy of our partners Fujifilm Sonosite.

Video 1 – Preparation and Anatomical Landmarks for ProcedureĀ 


Video 2 – Review of Anatomical Landmarks, the Femoral Nerve, the Nerve with Electro Stimulation and on Ultrasound


Video 3 – Demonstration of Ultrasound Guided Procedure

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