BUG Binocular HMD
BCF Technology

BUG bovine ultrasound goggle – see the ultrasound image in front of your eyes and stay safe by keeping your peripheral vision. It is comfortable enough to wear all day without strain.


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BUG (BCF Universal Goggles) combine unprecedented display performance with excellent peripheral vision, setting a new standard in viewing ultrasound images.

Improved viewing                                            
BUG goggles allow you to see the ultrasound image right in front of your eyes.BUG goggles have high contrast and brightness that are optimised for the grey scale imaging of an ultrasound scanner.

Increased safety      
BUG goggles are worn on your head in a way that maintains your peripheral vision while scanning. This allows you to be fully aware of both the animal and your surroundings, which minimises the risk of injury while scanning.

Designed for on-farm use, BUG goggles are tough and reliable. As well as being dust and splash-proof (IP65 sealed) they can also be used across a wide temperature range.

BUG goggles are lightweight and headband
mounted which means they can be worn for long periods of time without causing strain. The headband is very flexible and easily adjusted for different users. The side pivot allows the eye pieces to be adjusted up and down for different users or while you are not scanning.

BUG is a binocular using the very latest OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology, providing the highest quality image available even in bright sunlight.
LCD BUG is a binocular providing a softer, more familiar image using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology.
VGA BUG is a binocular providing a softer and larger image using LCD technology.


Wearability Head Mount Display
Weight OLED 340g | VGA 235g | LCD 269 g
Display Size OLED 12.78mm x 9mm | VGA  9mm x 6.8mm | LCD 4.8mm x 3.6mm
Pixel Resolution OLED 800 x 600 | VGA 640 x 480 | LCD 320 x 240
Technology OLED LED | VGA LCD | LCD
Splash proof and Dust Proof Yes
Battery Life Powered by scanner
Dimensions of Screen 15 x 5 x 4 cm
Mounting Head Band
Manufacturer BCF Technology Ltd