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The Easi-Scan Curve portable cattle scanner from IMV Imaging was designed specifically for bovine practitioners to improve the accuracy of late pregnancy scanning – even when the pregnancy has dropped over the pelvic brim.

The Easi-Scan Curve can be used for routine reproductive scanning, pregnancy diagnosis and foetal sexing as well as non-reproductive applications such as abdominal ultrasound or chest scanning in calves.

Easi-Scan Curve Scanning

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Product Overview

The Easi-Scan Curve has been designed to be the ultimate tool for the bovine practitioner. Like the Easi-Scan Linear, it is portable, robust and ergonomic to help you in the harsh environments of cattle practice.

Ease of Use & Safety

IMV Imaging’s intuitive 4-button system really does make scanning with the Easi-Scan Curve a breeze.

The compact and lightweight design gives you the freedom to move quickly and stay safe in unpredictable environments. Our heads-up display options (NFI5000 Monocular or BUG Goggles) improve your comfort and mobility further while allowing you to maintain peripheral vision. Use with the Quick Release Introducer from Graham Innovations to prevent the strain of manual palpation and increase productivity.

Image Quality and Detail

The curved-array probe gives a significantly wider field of view, with improved penetration (up to 24 cm) due to its’ lower frequency range, compared with the traditional linear-array.

You get a balance of image detail for early pregnancy diagnosis (from 28 days) and penetration for aging later pregnancies (60-120 days) – even when the pregnancy has dropped over the pelvic brim.⠀

There is no image lag with rapid probe movements as frame rate is maintained.


37 Day Bovine Pregnancy

37 Day Bovine Pregnancy

61 Day Bovine Pregnancy

61 Day Bovine Pregnancy


94 day bull calf head (24 cm mode)

94 day bull calf head (24 cm mode)


94 day bull calf head (8 cm mode) - same calf as above image

94 day bull calf head (8 cm mode) – same calf as above image



Manufacturer IMV Imaging  
Size 15 x 22 x 7 cm  
Weight 2kg with battery  
Power battery operated (up to 4 hours continuous, up to 7 hours with auto standby)  
Charge Time 5 hours  
Probe 128 crystal, 64mm active probe length. 60mm radius over 60o  
Frame Rate 40 frames/s  
Frequency 3 MHz – 7 MHz  
Depth range up to 24cm  
Presets Detail, foetal sexing, ovarian/early pregnancy, late pregnancy  
Dust and splash proof Yes  
Temperature  -10oC to 40oC  
Image Storage up to 100 images. Export  via USB cable transfer  
Display Options NFI5000 monocular, BUG goggles, Remote display, wrist monitor, smart display.  
Introducer compatible Yes