Easi-Scan Linear
BCF Technology




The Easi-Scan portable ultrasound machine was designed specifically for bovine practitioners. Use for routine reproductive scanning, pregnancy diagnosis and foetal sexing.  

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Ease of Use

Thanks to its’ intuitive design with 4-button system, on-screen display menu and application presets, the Easi-Scan really does make scanning easy. With its external batteries & chargeable carry case, you can scan anywhere, anytime.


Image Quality

The linear probe is designed for optimal image resolution – so you get a clear picture while maintaining a fast frame rate (meaning there is no lag with quick probe movements). You will be able to detect bovine pregnancies from just 19-24 days gestation and assess embryo viability from 30 days.


Ergonomics & Safety

We know that the farm can be a dangerous environment and the job itself is physically demanding. The Easi-Scan has been designed to allow you to control the situation. There is a variety of display options available to best suit your environment:

Our Quick Release Introducer has also been designed to reduce the strain of manual palpation on both the veterinarian and patient.



The Easi-Scan’s attributes of being lightweight, small in size, comfortable to wear, splash proof and portable all help maximise your productivity. From setup to cleaning up, the process is streamlined.


Manufacturer BCF Technology Ltd.  
Size 15 x 22 x 7 cm  
Weight 2kg with battery  
Power Battey operated (up to 4 hours continuous or 7 hours with auto standby)  
Charge Time 5 hours  
Probe 128 element broadband linear probe, 60mm footprint  
Frame Rate 40 frames/second (late mode 28.5 frames/second)  
Frequency 4.5MHz to 8.5MHz  
Depth range up to 16cm  
Preset Detail, foetal sexing, ovarian/early pregnancy, later pregnancy  
Dust and Splash Proof tick  
Temperature range – 10 °C to 40 °C  
Image Storage up to 100 images. Export  via USB cable transfer  
Display Options NFI5000 monocular, BUG goggles, Remote display, wrist monitor, smart display.  
Introducer compatible Yes  
Warranty 1 Year