Easi-Scan Smart Display

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Improved ability to perform measurements and calculations for bovine, equine, ovine and porcine is now at your fingertips with this touchscreen monitor.


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Easi-Scan Smart Display is an intelligent touch screen monitor, which adds great new features to your Easi-Scan. It is an ideal choice for large animals scanning because of its robust design and added features. Touch screen technology gives you the ability to perform measurements and calculations with ease.

With three different calliper modes, performing measurements have never been easier. The addition of trace tendon technology enables you to make fast calculations, aiding in your diagnosis time. You now have the ability to save a record of examinations performed on clinical patients for future review and comparison.

Easi-Scan Smart Display easily clips onto the Easi-Scan ultrasound scanner and with the push of a button you are ready to go. The touch screen menu allows you to quickly adjust your settings and switch between modes in seconds. The convenience of Easi-Scan ultrasound is unsurpassed and the addition of the Easi-Scan Smart Display will make it a must have for any veterinary professional.

Easi-Scan Smart Display has additional features, use it for a wide range of applications including the study of the ovaries, uterus and foetal structures for bovine reproductive exams as well as equine reproduction and first-pass musculoskeletal evaluations. The Easi-Scan Smart Display includes meat science applications to perform evaluation of livestock for meat quality. There are 3 calliper modes, 2 foetal aging modes (Crown Rump Length and Trunk Diameter) and a general measurement mode with 4 pairs of callipers allowing you to make a variety of measurements. Easi-Scan Smart Display’s touch screen enables you to trace tendon and ligament lesions and will calculate the percentage of affected area for you. Reproduction work is as easy as ever with the clear ultrasound image provided by Easi-Scan Smart Display.

You now have the ability to save a record of examinations performed on clinical patients for future review. Aid your evaluations by using the image compare feature to toggle between images.

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IMV Imaging


Weight 900g or 2.05kg with Easi-Scan system and battery
Display Size 5.7″
Pixel Resolution 480 x 640
Technology LCD Touch Screen
Splash proof and dust proof Yes
Battery Life 5 hours with standby mode
Dimensions 32 x 21 x 10cm
Luminance 400 cd/m2
Temperature Minus 10°C to 40°C
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Manufacturer IMV Imaging