M8 Portable Ultrasound


The Mindray M8 is a premium portable ultrasound system with exceptional image quality and depth penetration in a robust magnesium alloy case.

The M8 is suited to more advanced abdominal and cardiac imaging in small animals. It is ideally suited to the clinic that is currently using ultrasound on a frequent basis (e.g., for abdominal scans, focused exams and heart assessments) and wishes to upgrade and advance the standard of ultrasound examinations without breaking the bank.

The M8 is also suited to equine internal medicine or orthopaedic applications. Elastography is likely to become the new standard for the assessment of tendon and ligament injury healing in horses (Tamura, 2017; Lustgarten 2014). To date, elastography has been highly dependent on user technique. Natural Touch elastography on the M8 reduces the dependence on user technique, improving inter-operator reproducibility for higher clinical accuracy. Read More: Vet Practice Magazine – September 2018

The M8 can be configured with a UMT-500 Trolley, giving you the features of a cart-based system, without sacrificing on portability.

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M8 Image enhancements

The M8 boasts image enhancements due to its’ powerful mQuadro platform and new ComboWave Transducers. These transducers utilise a new type of composite piezoelectric material which results in the following:

  • Optimised acoustic spectrum
  • Reduced acoustic impedance

The result is improved penetration without the typical trade-off with resolution.

Ease of Use

As with all Mindray products, the workflow is intuitive and efficient.

  • The M8’s workflow is the same as the popular M9 platform.
  • The functions of some keys can be customised by the user to increase efficiency.
  • The ultra-quick boot-up time of just 28 seconds from the first touch means that you can rapidly turn on and scan in emergencies.


  • The M8 is highly portable with a slim laptop-style design.
  • The magnesium alloy frame adds robustness while keeping the M8 lightweight.
  • The machine can be cart-mounted for use in the clinic or transported in its carry case for ambulatory scenarios.
  • Can be battery operated providing up to 90 minutes of scanning time.


C11-3s, C5-1s, L13-3s (NEW) L14-6Ns, L12-4s


Weight 5.8kg with batteries
Dimensions 390mm (W) x 362 (D) x 59mm (H)
Display • 15.6-inch high-resolution colour LED monitor • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 • Automatic brightness adjustment • Screen Saver • Open-angle adjustable: 0° – 150° (between the monitor and control panel) • View angle (right/left): 89°
Portable Yes
Stand Available Yes
Imaging Modes •B-Mode • THI and PSHTM (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging) • M-Mode/Color M-mode • Free Xros MTM (Anatomical M-mode)  • Color Doppler Imaging • Power Doppler Imaging/Directional PDI • Pulsed Wave Doppler • Continuous Wave Doppler • TDI • UWN+ (Ultra-Wideband Non-linear Plus) Contrast ImagingTM • Tissue Tracking QA • Stress Echo • Elastography • iScapeTM View (Panoramic Imaging) • 3D/4D
Transducer Types • Curved array • Linear array • Phased array
Standard features • B-Mode • THI and PSHTM • M-Mode • Color Doppler Imaging • Power Doppler Imaging and Directional PDI • Pulsed Wave Doppler • iBeamTM (Spatial Compound Imaging) • iClearTM (Speckle Suppression Imaging) • iTouchTM (Auto Image Optimization) • Echo BoostTM • Zoom/iZoom (Full Screen Zoom) • FCI (Frequency Compound Imaging) • B steer • ExFOV (Extended Field of View) • HDR Flow (High Dynamic Range Flow) • HR FlowTM (High Resolution Flow) • Raw data processing • 1 active probe port • 256GB solid hard drive • 2-USB • HDMI • Internal WIFI • UltraAssist (Off-line software) ‐ iStorage • Built-in Battery • Power adapter • Control panel film with language
Optional Features • Continuous Wave Doppler • Free Xros MTM • iScapeTM View • UWN+ Contrast ImagingTM • Contrast Imaging QA (Quantitative Analysis)IMT • Elastography • TDI (Include TVI, TVD, TVM, TEI) • TT QA (Tissue Tracking Quantitative Analysis) • Stress Echo • DICOM• Clinical Measurement Package• Smart OBTM (Auto OB measurement) • Smart NTTM (Auto NT measurement) • iWorksTM (Auto Workflow Protocol) • iNeedleTM (Needle Visualization Enhancement) • Mobile Trolley: UMT-500, UMT-500Plus • Audo/Video extend module: iDock51 • ECG function • Barcode reader:DS6707-SR (2D Barcode), SYMBOL LS2208-SR (1D Barcode) • Footswitch: 1-pedal/2-pedal/3-pedal • External DVD R/W driver • Smart 3DTM (Freehand 3D); Real-Time 4D; UltraView (off-line analysis software)
Language Support Software: English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Norwegian, Serbian
Power • AC adapter Input:‐ Voltage:100-240V~Frequency: 50/60 Hz ‐ Power input: 2.0A max • Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 14.8V , 5800mAh (single battery)
Operating Environment • Ambient temperature: 0-40 °C • Relative humidity: 30%-85% (no condensation) • Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa-1060hPa
Imaging Parameters • B-Mode • THI and PSH • M-Mode• Free Xros M (option) • Colour Doppler Imaging • Power Doppler Imaging• PW/CW Mode • Tissue Velocity/Energy Imaging (included in TDI option) • Tissue Velocity Doppler(included in TDI option)• Tissue Velocity Motion (included in TDI option) • iScapeTM View (option) • iZoomTM • Elastography (option) • UWN+ Contrast ImagingTM* (option) • Stress Echo (option) • LVO (option) • iBeamTM • iTouchTM • Echo BoostTM • B steer • ExFov • QSave • TDI QA (option) • Contrast Imaging QA (option) • iNeedleTM (option)
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Mindray