Ovi-Scan 6
BCF Technology


The Ovi-Scan 6 sheep ultrasound scanner allows you to see it all with a 170° view in a small all-in-one ultrasound scanner. You will be more accurate in your diagnosis than with other pregnancy detection methods. Download the latest brochure here.


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The Ovi-Scan 6 is designed specifically for scanning sheep for pregnancy detection. The Ovi-Scan 6 combines the Duo-Scan ultrasound scanner with a monitor console to give you a small and compact all-in-one ultrasound scanner. You will succeed in suboptimal environmental conditions with this reliable and durable machine. It is dust proof, splash proof, and designed for on-farm use.
  • Make fast determinations with optimal image quality from a high resolution screen and fast frame rate.  You can clearly see the uterus to make a more accurate diagnosis.
  • The on-screen foetal aging rings allow fast and accurate age determination. Foetal aging will allow you to determine lambing dates to better manage your lambing season.
  • With the Ovi-Scan 6 you can determine the number of lambs a ewe is carrying. You then can adjust her nutritional intake accordingly. You will help improve future fertility rates, reproduction rates, and the health of the lambs.
  • You will see a wider and deeper view than traditional curvilinear probes. It has a unique 170° view while other ultrasound machines only offer 90°. It also has multiple frequency settings for you to see as deep as 30+ cm. With Ovi-Scan you will see it all.
  • Ovi-Scan’s lightweight and portable design allows you to take it anywhere. It is easy to set up and start scanning with only five buttons. Be even more portable by using Ovi-Scan in the Duo-Scan mode with the lightweight NFI5000 Monocular Head Mount Display or the BUG (BCF Universal Goggle).
  • Ovi-Scan sheep ultrasound scanner is customizable to meet your every need. Multiple ultrasound viewing options in goggle or monitor varieties, two interchangeable probes, multiple frequency settings and battery or mains power.




Weight 5kg  
Dimensions 28 x 21 x 24 cm  
Portable Yes  
Power Consumption 18W  
Power Option 12 V DC input powered by mains adaptor or car battery  
Probes Axial Probe / 3.5MHz; 5MHz; Spilt dual 3.5MHz and 5.0MHz | Radial Probe / Split dual 3.5MHz and 5.0MHz  
Depth of scan Up to 32cm  
Frequency 2.5 / 3.5 / 5.0 / 7.5MHz  
Preset Modes One mode for user stored preferences  
Temperature range Minus 20 °C to 35 °C  
Viewing Options Own console monitor, BUGs, NFI5000 or Remote Display  
Manufacturer BCF Technology Ltd.  
Warranty 1 Year