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Fujifilm Sonosite


Easy to service and easy to use – this ex-demo X-Porte from Fujifilm Sonosite is ideal for an equine hospital setting and overcomes all the usual issues of cart-based ultrasound systems.  


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One Look and the Difference is Clear

  • The X-Porte’s slender profile makes it easy to manoeuvre around the clinic for point-of-care applications.
  • XDI patent-pending imaging technology drives X-Porte’s image clarity and resolution by significantly reducing visual clutter.
  • Its’ self-explanatory control panel makes system navigation a breeze, and its sealed touch screen means that it’s easy to clean and disinfect.
  • For servicing, nothing could be more convenient than X-Porte’s self-contained, removable engine module – overcoming the main disadvantage of most other cart-based systems. Just remove the module and send back for evaluation.


Perfect for advanced equine practice, this X-Porte comes with the following probes:

  • C60: 5-2 MHz Large curvilinear probe: for equine abdominal, thoracic, back and pelvic imaging.
  • P21: 5-1 MHz Phased array probe: for equine echocardiography
  • HFL50: 15-6 MHz linear probe: for equine musculoskeletal, thoracic and superficial imaging.



Stand Dimensions 67.1 cm x 53.9 cm (L x W)  
Stand Height Max 162.6 cm (monitor up) / Min 107.2 cm (monitor down)  
Height Adjustment 22.9 cm travel / 30.7 cm Capacitive Touch Screen (multitouch gestures for system controls)  
System Boot-Up <20 secs  
HD Monitor 48.3 cm/19″ diagonally  
Control Panel Tilt Adjustment: 0 to 110 degrees  
Clinical Monitor Viewing 85 degrees left and right, 60 degrees up, 80 degrees down  
Architecture All digital Broadband  
Dynamic Range Up to 183 dB  
Grey Scale 256 shades  
HIPAA Compliance Comprehensive toolset  
Image Modes 2D, Broadband imaging, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging, M-mode, Velocity Colour Doppler, Colour Power Doppler, Pulsed Wave Doppler, Pulsed Wave Tissue Doppler, Continuous Wave Doppler, ECG  
Image Processing Extreme Definition Imaging (XDI), SonoAdapt Tissue Optimisation, SonoHD2 Imaging Technology, SonoMB Multibeam Technology, Dual Imaging, Dual Colour Imaging, AutoGain and AutoGain Brightness Adjust, Restore Default Gains, Dynamic Range, Duplex Imaging, 8x Zoom Capability, Post Processing: Dynamic Range, Zoom, 2D Image Optimisation: Average and Difficult, Overall Gain, Near and Far Field Gain Control, Colour and Doppler Flow Optimisation (low, medium, high), Colour Variance Mode, 2D Reduced Imaging Sector  
Steep Needle Profiling (Available on these transducers and exams.) HFL50xp, Breast, MSK, Nerve, Small Parts / L38xp, Nerve, Venous / L25xp, Nerve, Venous  
Power Supply System operates via battery or AC Power / Rechargeable lithium-ion battery / Battery life: 1.0 hour, 3 days on idle / Battery charge time: 1.5 hours  
Other Highlights Programmable Controls, Labeling: Predefined Labels, Customised Labels, Predefined Pictograms, Worksheets: Acute Care Worksheets (ACEP Guidelines) and Musculoskeletal Worksheets, Steep Needle Profiling software, *Embedded DVR (Digital Video Recorder), *Triple Transducer Connect, *Storage Basket, *Standard with X-Porte  
Onboard Image and Storage Review 2D Cine Review – 20 seconds, PW, CW, M-mode Cine Review – 16 seconds, Internal Flash Memory – 64 GB, Thumbnail review of saved images and clips, Prospective and Retrospective Clip Store, Auto Clip Export (auto export to USB at end of study), Video clip playback at 1, ½ or ¼ of the captured rate, Video Clip Save Lengths: 2, 4, 6, 10, 15, 30 and 60 seconds, Annotations on recalled images, Image Format: jpeg, avi, bmp, Export Format: html, JPEG Compression Options: High, Medium, Low  
Data Management and Wireless 5 USB 2.0 Ports, Ethernet Port, DVR USB Port, ECG Connector, Barcode auto-query (populates patient’s demographic from worklist, DICOM Image Management: Print, Store, Modality Worklist, Perform Procedure Step (PPS), Storage Commitment, DICOM Image Management: Exam Routing for Diagnostic, Procedure, Education Exams, Embedded Wireless  
Transducers C60xp (502MHz) Curved Transducer, HFL50xp (15-6MHz) Linear Transducer, L38xp (10-5MHz) Linear Transducer, P21xp (5-1MHz) Phased Array Transducer, L25xp (13-6MHz) Linear Transducer, ICTxp (9-5MHz) Curved Transducer  
Warranty 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty*