M6Vet Portable Ultrasound




Mindray’s M6 Vet is an entry to mid-level portable ultrasound, capable of performing general abdominal and cardiac examinations in both small animals and horses & basic tendon exams in horses.

In today’s world, veterinary clinics must choose their equipment investments wisely and with the M6 Vet, budget constraints no longer need to limit your image quality and performance. An affordable solution with excellent image quality, the M6Vet is a lightweight, laptop-style portable ultrasound system with a 90-minute battery life. Ideal for the small animal general practitioner, emergency clinician or equine practitioner on the road.

The M6 Vet can be configured with a UMT-200 Trolley, providing you with the security of a cart-based system, without sacrificing on the advantages a portable unit.

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Ideal for the general practitioner

Our motto is “See more, Do more”, and with the easy workflow and excellent image quality of the M6Vet, you will certainly accomplish that. Not only will you improve your clinical workup and diagnostic ability, but the increased use of ultrasound in your clinic will ensure that you see a healthy return on investment.

Effortless Workflow

As we have come to expect with Mindray, the workflow is effortless on the M6Vet, meaning that you can enter patient data, annotate images & clips and export studies at the drop of a hat. No more videoing clips of unusual cases on your smartphone!

Image Optimisation Features

Compound imaging

iBeam® compound imaging technology uses multiple transmitting angles to form a single image, enhancing contrast resolution.

Speckle suppression

iClear™ technology reduces image speckle noise, acquiring a smoother image while maintaining edges and borders.

Harmonic imaging

PHSI™ improves contract resolution by providing clearer images with less artefactual noise.

Colour Doppler

The M6Vet comes with colour Doppler as standard. Safely perform FNA’s and needle biopsies in all species, find the adrenals in small animals or perform basic cardiac ultrasound when you need to.


C11-3s 3C5s L14-6s L14-6Ns 7L4s P7-3s P4-2s


Weight 5.5 kg light weighted design with travelling case for outdoor diagnosis
Power Up to 90 min scanning time with battery
Advanced Imaging Softwares iTouch: Intelligent image optimization for B, colour and PW mode Smart Tracking: Continuously track the color flow and optimize the best color box in real time scanning Smart Doppler: Automatically optimize the size and position of color box and doppler gate placement to ensure optimal signal color and spectral doppler sampling iScape: real-time panoramic imaging with velocity indicator – useful for evaluate tendon injuries on Thoroughbred racehorses Advanced cardiac function assessment packages Tissue Doppler Imaging
Transducer Technology Mindray’s unique transducer technology to increase image bandwidth and transmission efficiency:

  • Triple-matching layer design
  • Total-cut design
  • Thermal-control design
Presets Abdomen, cardiac, OB, vascular, small parts and MSK exam modes and analysis packages for different animals
Data Storage High capacity battery and data storage 1TB hard drive