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Just as vets are essential to the care of animals great and small, here at BCF we understand that ultrasound is an essential service in your practice. We are still here to support you with your animal ultrasound needs.

BCF Ultrasound are proud to be Australasian owned and operated. Because we are specialised in vet ultrasound, we can provide outstanding sales, service and technical support to our clients. In addition, we are dedicated to providing the best educational resources and training opportunities for veterinary professionals in Australia and New Zealand.


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Small Animal: Radiography Vs Ultrasound Part 2

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“It is vital to our practice to have equipment that we can rely on and feel confident in when it comes to making a diagnosis... the Mindray M7Vet has not only allowed us to add additional services such as cardiology to our practice, it has also given our vets a greater level of assurance in understanding what they are viewing to make a confident diagnosis – even when only minor changes were present.”

Dr Paul May BVSc MANZCVSNorthern Veterinary Group, Victoria

“We have been extremely impressed with BCF throughout our process... They made the ultrasound section of setting up a new hospital very easy for us. ”

Dr Richard Page BVScVets 24hr, Queensland

“Ultrasound forms an essential part of the services I provide as an equine veterinarian.
I have found the team at BCF Ultrasound to be extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful at every stage of my involvement with them...They have always provided exceptional service support, technical advice, loan machines when needed and solutions.”

Dr Bridget Roberts BVMS CertEM(StudMed)Nandowra Equine Veterinary Services, Hunter Valley

“The image quality and the versatility of the M9 stood out for us, and since we’ve had it in our practice the turnover from scans has nearly doubled as everyone now wants to use it! ... I would undoubtedly recommend BCF Ultrasound and the Mindray M9 scanner to all of my colleagues.”

Dr Denis Ryan MVBTorquay Animal House Veterinary Clinic & Hospital, Victoria