NFI5000 Monocular
Graham Innovations

The NFI5000 monocular head mount display is a lightweight, high-resolution unit with OLED technology. Great peripheral vision, and extremely versatile.


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Peripheral Vision
Various mounting positions to suit you. Can be moved out of sight when not in use to allow for full vision or just to give your eyes a rest.

Image Quality
High Clarity, 30 degree field of view
High brightness, high resolution OLED technology
Optimal driver electronics and User adjustable focus
to allow you to decide the best image for your eyes

Low Mass
Display module weighing approximately 60 grams making it lighter and less strain on your body

Rugged anodized aluminium chassis. Stainless steel ball joint mounting allowing for strong but versatile movements

Brightness, contrast, image orientation & video format presets all adjustable via an external magnet. This will stop any dirt or dust getting into your system.

Water Resistant
All points of entry are fully sealed.


Wearability Goggle
Weight 60 grams (without hat)
Pixel Resolution Displays all pixels from composite PAL (800×600) or NTSC (640×480)
Technology Monocular high luminance white OLED display technology
Splash proof and Dust Proof Yes
Battery Life Powered from scanner
User Controls Magnetic brightness, contrast and image orientation control
Optics 2 lens, 3 element reflection coated glass optics
Power Consumption 5-12V input, typically >250mW
Housing/Chassis Aluminium Alloy 60 61
Mounting Stainless steel swivel adjustments. Either left or right eye adjustable
Video Input Composite video SMPTE-170 & PAL
Luminance 1800 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio > 800:1
Manufacturer Graham Innovations