Reach Beyond Boundaries

The Z5Vet can now meet your requirements of high image quality, versatility, mobility and affordability of traditional colour Doppler ultrasound. With the most unique combination of performance and low cost, the Z5Vet is the result of Mindray’s continuous effort towards making vet imaging more accessible. Be it an abdominal scan indoors, or an emergency requirement outdoors, the Z5Vet can be used limitlessly for various applications in the consult room or barn side.


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With the most unique combination of high performance and low cost, the Z5Vet is the result of Mindray’s continuous efforts towards making healthcare more accessible. Whether its a small animal scan in the practice or tendon exam in the field, the Z5Vet can be used limitlessly for various applications. For first time ever, conventional cart-based Color Doppler capabilities have now been made available to you in a smart highly efficient portable design, making it possible for you to reach beyond boundaries.

Colour Functionality
• Phase Shift THI for higher resolution image quality
• iBeam, Spatial Compounding for enhanced contract resolution
• iClear, Speckle Suppression for improved contrast resolution
• iScape, Panoramic Imaging for wider field of view

Affordable Reality
• Acquire Color Doppler performance without compromising on budget
• Fully Compatible with Mindray’s B/W ultrasound probes

Versatile for all Diagnostic Capabilities
• Multi-frequency probes for different applications
• Image enhancement presets for specific applications

Excellent Productivity
• One-button image optimization with iTouch
• One-button full screen view with iZoom
• Fast system boot-up within 30s

Limitless Mobility
• Compact and streamlined design with user friendly control panel
• 15’’ LCD with 30 degree tilting function
• 1.5h uninterrupted scanning with rechargeable battery



Weight 8.8kg with battery
Dimensions 19.0 cm L x 41.5 cm W x 37.8 cm H
Display 15” diagonal LCD (NTSC or PAL)
Architecture All digital broadband
Display Language Chinese/English/German/Spanish/French/Italian/Portuguese/Russian/Czech/Polish
Portable Yes
Stand Available Yes
Power System Operates via rechargeable lithium-ion battery or AC Power
Mounting Options UMT-150 Mobile Trolley or UMT-160 Trolley
Transducer Compatibility 35C20EA, 35C50EA, 75L38EA, 75L50EAV, 50L60EAV, 65C15EA
Imaging Modes
  • B-Mode
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging
  • Slant scanning for linear probes (B, color/power, PW independent)
  • ExFOV Imaging for Convex Probe (trapezoid imaging for linear probe)
  • M Mode
  • Color
  • PW (Pulse Wave Doppler)HPRF (High Pulse Repeat Frequency)
  • Display Mode:  Single window, B/C/D triplex mode, Dual live: B/C, Adjustable time line display format (1:1, 1:2, Full) Dual-split: B/C, B/M, B/PW, Quad-split
Imaging Features
  • iBeamTM (Spatial Compounding Imaging for Linear and Convex Probe)
  • iScapeTM
  • Multi-frequency probes for 2D imaging modes
  • iClearTM (adaptive speckle suppression imaging for all probes)
  • iTouchTM (B/PW): Auto Optimization
  • TSI (Tissue Specific Imaging)
  • iZoomTM: Spot Zoom and Pan Zoom
User Interface and Remappable Controls
  • Alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard with Backlight
  • Multi-function Knobs
  • Trackball for easy operation and navigation / Colour and Speed presettable
  • Ergonomic Soft Key Operations
  • 8-Segment TGC
  • User Defined Blank keys: shortcut for easy access to system menus and active parameter adjustment
  • 320G integrated hard disk
  • External DVD-R/W (Optional)
  • 4 USB ports
  • Image archive on hard disk, DVD, network storage (iStorage) or temporary saving in cine memory
  • Clipboard
  • Thumbnail
  • Single-frame image formats: BMP, JPG, DCM, FRM (supports off-line analysis)
  • Multi-frame images formats: AVI, DCM, CIN, (supports off-line analysis)
  • Storage area:  Image area: 640×480 / Standard area: 800×600 / Full-screen: 1024×768
  • iVision: Demo player
  • Cine review: Auto, Manual (auto review segment can be set), supports linked cine review for 2D, M/D images.
  • Cine memory capacity (Max.)
  •  Clip length presettable: 1-60s, B mode: 17265 frames, M mode: 181.1 s, PW: 169.6 s, Color: 14043 frames
  • Max. frames in HDD: 12905551 frames (JPG format) / 232397 frames (FRM format)
  • iStorage
  • DICOM Basic
  • Intelligent animal data management system
  • Integrated search engine for animal data
  • Detailed animal information view
  • Intelligent data backup/ restore
  • Animal data/ image sending
  • Animal data deleting
  • Exam managing: create new exam, activate exam and continue exam
  • Recycle Bin
  • Task manager
Standard Configuration Display

  •    15-inch LCD, High-Resolution 1024 x 768
  •    Contrast & Brightness adjustable
  •    Screen Saver: Time and picture presettable
  •    Angle adjustable: 30°

Control Panel

  •     Alphanumeric Keys
  •     Function Keys
  •    Knobs
  •    User-defined Keys: function presettable
  •    8 segment TGC
  •    Trackball: Color & Speed presettable
  •    Key Backlight Brightness & Volume presettable
  •    Integrated Speakers


  • Indicators: Power/Battery/Standby/HDD status
  • Handle
  • Phase Shift harmonic imaging
  • Steer scanning for linear probes (2D Steer)
  • iBeam™
  • iTouch™
  • ExFOV Imaging
  • Colour
  • Power
  • PW
  • HPRF
  • iStation™
  • 320G integrated hard disk

I/O Interfaces

  •    Transducer port: 2
  •     Power input port: 1 (Connect to the AC power supply)
  •    USB port: 4
  •    VGA OUT port: 1
  •    Video OUT: 1
  •    S-Video OUT: 1 (Separate video output)
  •    Ethernet port: 1 (Connect to network)
  •    Remote control port: 1
  •    Equipotential terminal: 1
  •    Multi-language screen display and control panel overlay
  • iScape™
  • DICOM basic
  • Keys for optical functions
  • Battery Pack
  • External USB DVD-RW: SE-S224
  • Footswitch: 971-SWNOM (2-pedal) / SP-997-350 (3-pedal) / FS-81-SP (1-pedal)
  • Mobile trolley: UMT-150
  • Mobile trolley: UMT-160
  • Carrying Case
  • Transducers
Manufacturer Mindray
Warranty 18 months manufacturers warranty on systems and transducers (Contact BCF for more information)