Vetus E7 Veterinary Ultrasound


BCF Ultrasound is proud to present the NEW Vetus E7, the first ever portable ultrasound system powered by the new cutting edge Zone Sonography® Technology (ZST+) platform, unique to Mindray. 

Mindray has always been devoted to exploring the dedicated diagnostic imaging solutions for veterinary needs. Vetus E7, the premium veterinary ultrasound imaging system, adopts the most cutting-edge ultrasound technology to provide quality images.

Packaged with a simple workflow, dedicated design and complete veterinary solution, making it the ideal ultrasound system for your everyday practice.

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BCF Ultrasound is proud to present the NEW Vetus E7, the first ever portable ultrasound system powered by the new cutting edge Zone Sonography® Technology (ZST+) platform, unique to Mindray. 

Since its founding, Mindray Animal Medical has been dedicated to developing innovative and accessible ultrasound solutions for the animal care environment. It is this commitment to excellence that has brought you Zone Sonography® Technology (ZST+), evolving industrial designs and comprehensive disinfection solutions.

The Vetus E7 Ultrasound System has been thoughtfully designed to overcome the obstacles clinicians face in today’s challenging healthcare environment. With a sealed user interface design and revolutionary, software-based beamformer technology, ZST+, the Vetus E7 System combines best-in-class image quality with an intuitive user experience to help ensure reliable and efficient diagnosis during the most challenging exams.

Advanced Image Technology:

Vetus E7 Clinical Canine 1 Vetus E7 Clinical Canine 2 Vetus E7 Clinical Canine 3 Vetus E7 Clinical Canine 4 Vetus E7 Clinical Canine 5 Vetus E7 Clinical Canine 6 Vetus E7 Clinical Canine 7 Vetus E7 Clinical Canine 8


Thin, Light and Powerful:

The Vetus E7 main unit, with a 3kg weight and 44mm thickness, is the lightest and thinnest laptop ultrasound system in the industry. Not only is the ME small and compact, but it also has a powerful inner core.

First Ever Portable Ultrasound System Powered By ZST+:

The Vetus E7 is the first portable unit to be powered by our innovative Zone Sonography® Technology (ZST), enabling advanced imaging capabilities and expanded feature sets in a more compact design. ZST+ removes the need for individual focal zones, allowing a completely focused image for better resolution and penetration.

Zone Sonography    Dynamic Pixel Focusing


The Vetus E7 features the iScanHelper, a unique built-in tutorial software providing real time, easy access to reference images and technical ultrasound tips while you scan. A great tool for both beginners or experienced professionals.

  • Anatomical diagram illustrations with annotations, transposed on actual ultrasound images
  • Standard sonogram comparison with real-time scanning
  • Scanning reference picture demonstrating appropriate patient position & probe placement

Protective Design For Veterinary Practice:

Innovative Design:

  • Seamless design control panel
  • Touch interface
  • Sealed touchpad

Durable Construction:

  • Prevents residue buildup from cleaning and disinfection
  • Designed to resist corrosion from a variety of harsh cleaning agents
  • Highest standards of material selection

Certified Disinfectant Resistance:

  • Certification from Dr. Brill and Dr. Steinmann (Institut für hygiene und mikrobiologie)
  • Certification from Trophon and Antigermix

Ergonomics Dedicated For Veterinary Practice:

Medical Grade Magnetic Power Socket:

  • Simple to connect
  • Prevents cable strain


  • All-day battery design that supports up to eight-hours of continuous scanning

Cable Management:

  • Vertical cable orientation prevents dragging
  • Adaptable rear handle for cable routing

Specialised Transducer Holder:

  • Simplifies application of sterile cover

Innovative Storage Design:

  • Three storage baskets
  • Interchangeable basket design

Expanded Height Adjustment:

  • 320mm of height adjustment that accommodates various user needs